dead1 W1S1 [ded] adj [no comparative]
1¦(not alive)¦
2¦(not working)¦
3¦(already used)¦
5¦(not active/used)¦
6¦(arm/leg etc)¦
7¦(no emotion)¦
9 be dead to the world
10¦(used for emphasis)¦
11 over my dead body
12 I wouldn't be seen/caught dead
13¦(in serious trouble)¦
14 be dead and buried
15 be dead in the water
16 drop dead!
17 dead language
18 the dead hand of something
20¦(in sport)¦
[: Old English;]
1.) ¦(NOT ALIVE)¦
no longer alive
Her mother had been dead for ten years.
Police are trying to contact the family of the dead man.
a pile of dead leaves
the dead body of a young soldier
Two men were shot dead by terrorists.
Magnus was found dead in his car.
One man is still missing, presumed dead .
He was out playing golf when he suddenly had a heart attack and dropped dead .
She was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.
His fellow climbers had left him for dead on the mountain.
We didn't know if she was dead or alive.
When they found him he was more dead than alive .
Her parents were long dead .
2.) ¦(NOT WORKING)¦ [not before noun]
not working because there is no power
I picked up the phone but discovered the line was dead .
Suddenly the radio went dead .
I think the batteries are dead .
already used
a small pile of dead matches
dead glass/bottle
(=one that someone has finished drinking from in a bar or restaurant)
4.) ¦(BORING)¦ [not before noun]
a place that is dead is boring because there is nothing interesting or exciting happening there
This place is dead after nine o'clock.
not active or being used
The luxury car market has been dead in recent months.
6.) ¦(ARM/LEG ETC)¦ [not before noun]
a part of your body that is dead has no feeling in it, especially because the blood supply to it has been stopped
When I got up my foot had gone dead where I'd been sitting on it.
7.) ¦(NO EMOTION)¦ [not before noun]
showing no emotion or sympathy
Jennie's eyes were cold and dead.
8.) ¦(TIRED)¦ [not before noun]
spoken very tired
I can't go out tonight. I'm absolutely dead!
She was dead on her feet and didn't have the energy to argue (=used when someone keeps going even though they are very tired) .
9.) be dead to the world
to be very deeply asleep or unconscious
Better leave Craig - he's dead to the world.
10.)¦(USED FOR EMPHASIS)¦ [only before noun]
completely or exactly - used to emphasize what you are saying
We all sat waiting in dead silence (=complete silence) .
The train came to a dead stop (=it stopped completely) .
The arrow hit the dead centre of the target (=the exact centre) .
I've given the whole thing up as a dead loss (=completely useless or a complete failure) .
John tells me it's a dead cert , we can't lose (=something which will certainly happen, win, succeed etc) .
He fell to the floor in a dead faint (=completely unconscious) .
11.) over my dead body
spoken used to say that you are determined not to allow something to happen
You'll marry him over my dead body!
12.) I wouldn't be seen/caught dead
spoken used to say that you would never wear particular clothes, go to particular places, or do particular things, because you would feel embarrassed
I wouldn't be seen/caught dead in/on/with etc
I wouldn't be seen dead in a dress like that!
spoken in serious trouble
if ... I'm dead/you're dead etc
If Mum finds out about this, I'm dead.
You're in dead trouble now (=in very serious trouble) !
One word of this to Sam and you're dead meat (=you are in serious trouble and someone is very angry with you) !
14.) be dead and buried
an argument, problem, plan etc that is dead and buried is not worth considering again
The old argument about whether the UK should be a member of the EU should now be dead and buried.
15.) be dead in the water informal
if a plan or idea is dead in the water, it is unlikely to continue successfully
16.) drop dead!
spoken used to rudely and angrily tell someone to go away and leave you alone
17.) dead language
a dead language, for example Latin or Ancient Greek, is no longer used by ordinary people
living language atliving1 (1)
18.) the dead hand of sth
something which stops or slows your progress, especially a strong influence
the dead hand of local government bureaucracy
19.) ¦(PLANET)¦
a dead ↑planet has no life on it
20.)¦(IN SPORT)¦
when the ball is dead in some games, it is no longer on the playing area
(as) dead as a dodo atdodo
>deadness n [U]
COLLOCATES for sense 1
a dead body
be shot dead
be found dead
be feared/presumed dead
drop dead (=die suddenly)
clinically dead (=dead based on medical checks)
dead on arrival (=dead when arriving at a hospital)
pronounce somebody dead (=a doctor says that someone is dead after checking their body)
leave somebody for dead (=leave someone because you think they are dead)
stone dead/dead as a doornail informal (=dead, with no signs of life)
more dead than alive (=very badly hurt or ill and almost dead)
long dead/dead and gone (=dead for a long time)
HINT sense 1
Do not confuse dead , which is an adjective, with died , which is the past tense and past participle of the verb die : The man was already dead (NOT The man was already died).
dead 2
dead2 S3 adv informal
1.) completely
dead right/wrong
'It's a crazy idea.' 'You're dead right!'
dead straight/flat
The road was dead straight.
dead quiet/calm/still
Everything suddenly went dead still.
be dead (set) against sth
(=completely disagree with something)
Her family were dead against the marriage.
He was obviously dead drunk .
When he saw her, he stopped dead in his tracks (=suddenly stopped moving completely) .
2.) spoken very
He was dead good-looking.
It sounded dead boring.
dead beat/tired
(=very tired)
3.) [+ adjective/adverb]
directly or exactly
I stared dead ahead at the doorway.
The bus arrived dead on time .
dead 3
dead3 n
1.) the dead [plural]
people who have died
Families on both sides buried their dead.
the dead and injured/wounded/dying
Most of the dead and injured had been passengers on the bus.
2.) the dead of night/winter
the middle of the night or the middle of the winter
creeping around in the dead of night
3.) rise/come back/return from the dead
to become alive again after dying
Christ rose from the dead.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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